v0.9.30 Beta - Additional Setting Implemented

In version 0.9.30 we're implementing some more settings to accommodate the needs of our clients, as follows:

- Configure the default reports per page that are displayed in your Bulk Reports, read more about this new feature in our documentation:

- Make your While Label reports header fixed, which means it'll stick to the top when scrolling through your reports, read more about this feature here:

- Sort through your Blacklist Monitors faster with this new feature that allows you to see just the Blacklisted IPs from your list, see the details on how it works here:

- If you wish to get plain text alerts from your Blacklist Monitors and Uptime Monitors, we've got that covered as well in this new update, you can now change these settings yourself easily from your account settings, read how to do it in our documentation articles below:

If you experience any issue with these new features, be sure to open a support ticket and let us know about it.
Thank you.
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