Webiron false positives?

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Suddently, today I got a blacklist report on all my ip's from webiron


that ring all the alarms over here, but it seems to be a false positive, anyone else with the same issue?
I read the changelog and it seems its a new provider recently added


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    Hey trec,

    They're not actually false positives, it's just this RBL cabl.rbl.webiron.net has blacklisted entire IP ranges of unsolved/unanswered abuse complaints, and the other RBL all.rbl.webiron.net contains all data from this blacklist provider, including the one that blacklists ranges.

    It's not uncommon for certain RBLs to blacklist entire ranges of IPs.  
    We're still collecting data of how aggressive this RBL actually is, but so far it doesn't seem excessive, as of right now only 2.5% of our entire monitored IPs seem to be blacklisted on this particular RBL, which is not a lot. A full analysis will be made after 24-48 hours.

    As always, if you personally consider these RBLs too aggressive or the data they provide to be wrong/irrelevant, you can choose not to monitor them at all, by using our ignore function: https://docs.hetrixtools.com/ignore-a-blacklist/

  • Thanks for the update Andrei,
    for me 70% of my ip's got blacklisted by them. As you said, I suppose it was a previous report from previous owners of those ip's. I will make the delist process with them.
    May be if you could implement some kind of "soft warning" for the new providers. I mean, suddently we got this big alert but its caused because you updated your provider list, if we could get some advice together with the alert, would be great, something like "this blacklist comes from a recently added provider". It's just a suggestion.
  • It may not even be because of previous IP owners, the IPs may simply be caught in a bad block (or at least considered bad by this RBL).

    Thanks for the suggestion about the soft warning for newly added RBLs, will add it to our suggestions list.
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